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Verify Email Addresses

Check to see if an email address or domain are disposable, temporary, or even have an existing deliverable mailbox.

Why do I need an Email Address API?

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Verifies if an email address is actually deliverable
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Checks if there is a valid email server
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Detects if a domain name is a catch-all domain
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Blocks disposable & temporary email addresses
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Built-in email syntax validation
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Displays all mail servers along with their priority

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What we have to offer

Fast Server
Blazing Fast Servers
Our Email Address API nodes each utilize high performance multi-core CPUs, NVMe storage, DDR4 memory and at least 1Gbps connection speeds.
99% Uptime
99.99% Uptime
Utilizing cloud computing and load balancers, we have servers all across the world which guarantees speed and uptime.
Secured Connection
Secured Data
Our API establishes a secure connection between the API and the client by encrypting both your data and ours with the Transport Layer Security Protocol.
Easily Priced
Simple and Easy Pricing
Always know how much you pay with daily limits and cancel at anytime, hassle-free!
Updated IP Data
Real-Time Email Data
Our databases are updated in real-time, meaning the data that you receive is always the latest and most accurate information.
Awesome Support
Friendly Support
Our support team will guide you if any issue arises or respond to any questions that you might have.

FAQ is an email API service that allows you to verify your visitor's email address with minimal code. We do all the heavy lifting, such as email verification and checking for disposable or temporary email addresses. Instead of creating an email verification software on your website or application, use our email verification system to validate and check if your visitor's email is actually legitimate and not just a temporary email address.
We source our data from tons of sources, such as GitHub, various email blacklists, third-party tools, and from our clients! To ensure that our data is constantly up-to-date and valid, we verify the email address in real-time once we receive your request. We check to make sure the email address you provided is valid and check to see if they belong to any known temporary mail services. Our network is constantly updating our extensive database with new information about temporary disposable email services.
If you want a cheaper alternative, you can just grab an email blacklist from GitHub. However, some drawbacks to that is that you will constantly need to update your list, the blacklists is most likely not as extensive as our entire email database, the list is not verified and backed by multiple sources, and the list cannot verify an email address or domain in real-time.
Yes, you can cancel or modify your plan at anytime. However, your plan will still remain active until the end of the billing period.
Yes, we allow caching. If you would just like to get our blacklisted domains, we actually suggest you to cache our API results for about an hour. Obviously, you can whitelist big email providers yourself, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail, etc. However, if you would like to verify an actual email address, we do not suggest caching our API response.
Our API uses TLS encryption in order to establish a secure connection between our API and its client.
All though we try to filter out as many temporary disposable emails as possible, there is still a chance that a few disposable email services may slip through our radar. This is due to the fact that a brand new temporary email service had popped up and our algorithm has not picked it up yet based on your datasets. In order to improve our database, if you believe that any email services is a temporary disposable email service, please feel free to contact us and report the email address to us.